Drum Backing Tracks Programmed & Customized to Meet Your Live Performance, Songwriting or Practice Needs

Drum Backing Tracks

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I am offering customized programmed drum backing tracks for:

1. People who need drum backing tracks for live performance.

2. Songwriters and composers who need drum loops as creative kick starters for songwriting purposes or who need a full creative drum part composed for their song (I can do this in coordination with you based on creative feedback you could provide me). Also, if you just need a simple drum loop created by an experienced professional drummer for a song you are writing I can program something at very low cost. For example 2 bars or 4 bars or 8 bars long). These can likely be sent over email. A drummer could then learn the part and record it for you in the studio.

3. People who would benefit from having backing tracks for practice purposes or teaching application (i.e. instrumentalists who would like to practice along to certain songs/specific types of grooves and teachers who need tracks for students to play along to).

I make the drum tracks by writing the notation out in a software program and running the midi information from that through a drum synth program that has a variety of sound samples of well recorded acoustic drums that I can pick from depending on the needs of a song. I am a full time musician/drummer doing about 150 gigs/recording sessions per year. I also do a lot of drum chart and transcription work (for clients and also to use on my own gigs). I do not currently have a set up for home recording to record live drum tracks, so I am offering this drum track programming service as a supplement to the other services I offer.

A track can be provided as a single track with the full drum kit on one track which I have mixed. It can also be provided as separated tracks (separate tracks for each part of the kit) which can help if you need more flexibility for further production and editing (in this case I would still also provide one track with the entire kit on it which I have mixed in case you need it as well).

I can email the tracks to you (or if the files are too big for email we can exchange the files through Drop Box or another similar program).

I can make a drum track for any song you like (originals or covers). All you need to do is send me an mp3 or link to the song. They could be used for practice purposes, as backing tracks for live shows or as creative kick starters or fully composed drum parts for songwriting/composing. I can compose an entire drum part for your original song if you need one and I can edit it based on creative feedback you could provide me.

I assume you could take one of my tracks and combine it with other instrument tracks you have (for the same song) to create a full play along track assuming all tracks have been created at the same tempo. If you have someone else doing tracks for other instrument parts, I can coordinate with them and follow specific guidelines (song structure and tempo etc..) so the track will be compatible.

I can also make multiple versions of the same track at different tempos (for graduated practice difficulty) or multiple versions with varying degrees of complexity in the drum parts. If making a drum track for a cover, I can make the drum tracks a note for note version of what was played on the original or a simplified version that still captures the original musical vibe.

Of course, I can provide a drum chart or transcription to go with the track as well (for added practice value or for you to provide to a drummer who will be learning your songs). I can also provide you with a midi file that you could use for other more technical applications (i.e to use to trigger different drum samples and create a new track). So there are a lot of options and these tracks can be customized to your specific needs.

This service would also be useful for instrumentalists who would like to practice playing along to certain styles of music or drum grooves. For example, I could program a track that loops a phrase with a Cha-Cha-Cha groove, a Samba groove or a Funk Groove in 7/8 etc..

Please feel free to get in touch for a free quote for your project (no commitment required to get a quote).

Get in touch at info@thefutureofdrumcharts.com

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