Drum Tips By Email (Free!)

Drum Tips By Email

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I am a full time professional musician and drummer making my living mostly in performance. In addition to the chart/transcription writing service I offer, I am now also offering free supplementary music/drumming advice over email for drummers who don’t have access to a teacher for various reasons and are looking to be pointed in the right direction on a specific topic or need some pointers on something they are stuck on. Get in touch for some drum tips by email!

I am offering drum tips by email for free. If you find my advice helpful and valuable, you may (on a purely voluntary basis) send me a tip by e Transfer or Paypal (any amount of your choice). If you send payment you would receive a receipt by email and it would be considered as a tip for a service.

I provide an email response. It may include a written explanation, a drum exercise in PDF format, a referral to a link or other resource I think may be relevant to your question or a referral to another person who specializes in (or has more experience with) your topic.

This is not meant to (and cannot) replace the value of regular in person lessons with a qualified teacher. It is meant as supplementary advice or for people who don’t have access to a teacher for various reasons.

There is no regular commitment involved. Just email when you feel like it. You will not be put on a mailing list or receive unsolicited emails from me. I will endeavor to answer all emails. But please note that depending on the volume coming in I cannot guarantee a response. I ultimately have the right to decide who I do and don’t respond to on a case by case basis.

Topics can include technique, musical concepts, phrasing, grooves, tuning, technique, set up/ergonomics, various styles of music or even music industry questions (gigging, recording, auditions etc..).

Samples of PDF drum exercises below:

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Get in touch at info@thefutureofdrumcharts.com

Thanks and have a great day!

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